Dennis Hopper’s Estate

Greedy ex-wife Victoria Duffy battles his children for millions!

Dennis Hopper's EstateEasy Rider star, Dennis Hopper, sadly passed away last weekend after a long battle with cancer. Unfortunately for his children, the battle for his millions has just begun. His estranged wife of 14 years, Victoria Duffy, has sued his estate to get a larger share of his vast fortune.

In Dennis Hopper’s and Victoria Duffy’s original prenuptial agreement, Duffy would only receive 25% of the estate and $250k in insurance money if they were still living together.

In January 2010, Hopper filed for divorce, and in March, Hopper claimed in a court affidavit that Duffy stole “valuable works of art” from him. This included a portrait of the actor by Andy Warhol and sculptures by Robert Graham and Brit wit Banksy. He valued the works at a combined $1.5 million. Hopper claimed Duffy “surreptitiously removed from my home very valuable personal property, while I was extremely ill, refused to tell me where the property was when I asked her, and then left town.”

Dennis Hopper’s high powered attorney, Joe Manis, is ready for war he says. As it stands now, Hopper’s estate has been left to his four children and two grand children. Of course, if the lawyers are involved, there may be nothing left in the end. Tragic situation for everyone involved.

Hopefully, Dennis Hopper’s children will inherit his estate as he originally planned. The actor’s funeral and memorial is planned for later this week. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family. May Hopper rest in peace! Celebrity

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