Sandra Bullock Up for MTV Generation Award

Is MTV pulling a ratings stunt?

Sandra Bullock will the first Female to receive the MTV 
Generation AwardSandra Bullock (The Blind Side, Speed, Miss Congeniality) is set to receive the MTV Generation Award at the upcoming MTV Movie Awards according to reports.

It is thought that she will be making an appearance at The MTV Movie awards, which is scheduled June 6, 2010.

The timing is curious, considering the tumultuous times her personal life is going through. People want to know how she’s doing – she’s a very likable person and everyone’s pulling for her.

Bullock has spent much of her time away from the public eye; making quality time for her new son.

This will mark her first red carpet appearance since the very much publicized split from her husband, Jesse James. Some speculate that MTV chose the 45-year-old for the award for the ratings or because of sympathy.

Deserving or not, no one can deny that she’s had great success in her career. Appearing in three movies in 2009 (two of them box office hits), makes her a prime candidate for the award.

Bullock will be the first female to receive the award since it was created in 2005 when Tom Cruise received the award. Other winners include Jim Carrey (2006), Mike Myers (2007), Adam Sandler (2008), and Ben Stiller (2009).

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