Corset Gowns We Love

This season, the trend on the bridal runway is to enhance, enhance, enhance! Whether it's a great waistline or a beautiful d├ęcolletage, these gowns have built-in corsets and we love them.

The corset wedding gown, developed over one hundred years ago, is a close-fitted, boned undergarment used to shape a woman’s torso. It extends from above or below the bust to the hips, binding the midsection to create the coveted hourglass shape.

Modern day fashion has liberated the corset, transforming it from an undergarment to a piece de résistance. Today, we are seeing wedding gowns with sheer corset bodices outlining the feminine form and still cinching the waist.

Brides can opt for a wedding gown with a barely visible built-in corset to an attention-grabbing, elaborate lingerie style corset gown. Here is a selection of some of our favourite corset gowns from our designers’ collections.


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