Carmela Sutera

"Every one of my dresses brings with it a little innocent touch and has a feminine edge that is timeless.”

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Carmela Sutera has been in the fashion business for as long as she can remember. Ms. Sutera grew up learning the trade from her mother, who was a master designer and artist.

“As a young girl, I remember twice a year a salesman would bring fabrics like ruffled eyelets, wools, and cottons to our shop and my mother would make beautiful clothes each season."

At 18, she left home and traveled to the United States to attend The Academy of Design and The Fashion Institute in New York to perfect her skills. After working in a few high-end fashion houses, she branched off into the wedding industry.

In 1988, she opened her bridal manufacturing business. She designs and oversees a gown from initial conception to its finished product, which only few couture bridal gown designers do in America.

This is a special year for Ms. Sutera; a 20th anniversary in the business and with it, she introduces her new collection, Leggero.

Leggero is an Italian word for soft and light in weight, which brings true meaning to the collection since it is made with fabrics such as organza’s, chiffons, georgettes and Chantilly lace.

“Fabric’s are my number one inspiration – they draw me to certain looks. If you don’t have the proper fabrics, you don’t have the proper dress,” she says.

The Leggero collection is made for a bride who prefers a dress that is less fussy and easier to wear, but still embodies the highest quality of details and workmanship.

Ms. Sutera’s more formal collection, Classica, has expanded to include painted embroidered fabrics from Como Italy to the finest French laces. 

Ms. Sutera's ability to stay in tune with brides for more than 20 years is rooted in a foundation of traditional values and professional knowledge of her industry.

Carmela Sutera gowns can be purchased here in Canada, at Cameo and Cufflinks in Calgary, Alberta.

View Carmela Sutera Wedding Dress Collection

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