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Affordably chic gowns make Winnie Couture designs the popular choice by many brides.

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With a degree in design; several years of industry experience and a father-in-law with a wedding gown manufacturing company in China, Winnie Lee, followed her dream and started Winnie Couture. Being young in the industry, Winnie’s wedding gown collections reflect her willingness to be innovative and bold.

In 2006, with the trend for destination weddings on the rise, Winnie unveiled her Destination Wedding Collection. This bridal gown assemblage is created in 100% silk fabric and is made to be lightweight, with simple silhouettes, "It has a lightweight feel and is fabulous for the beach or an outdoor wedding" says Winnie.

For the more traditional bride, Winnie continually creates for her established;Couture Bridal Collection which includes her exquisite ball gowns. Every Winnie Couture gown is made by Winnie Lee, with the highest quality workmanship and detailing. Winnie Lee also designs custom veils to complement her bridal gowns. As much as Winnie loves to personalize the bride’s gown, custom work can only be done by Winnie Lee at her flagship store; or stores located in the Houston area.

Winnie Couture designs, however, can be found at more than 300 of the most exclusive retailers in North America and Europe including England.

Q. Tell me a little bit about your background – Where did you grow up? What inspired your interest in fashion?
A. I was born and raised in Hong Kong and came to the US when I was 15 years old. As a child, I was very inspired by my mother, who loves to make dresses for me and herself, I loved reading her 70’s & 80’s fashion magazines, and enjoyed redesigning and tailored my own clothes.

Q. When did you get started designing wedding gowns?
A. I started creating wedding gowns in 1999.

Q. What inspiration do you use to design these beautiful gowns?
A. I love to combine the cut of modern Hollywood glamour with a sense of vintage romance.

Q. What are your favourite fabrics to work with?
Silky faced satin, silk charmeuse.

Q. What type of women would wear your dresses?
A. Stylish brides who want to feel glamorous and sexy with a sense of modern Victorian.

Q. What recommendations do you have for a bride picking a dress for their wedding day?
A. Open yourself to different styles and silhouettes. Pick a gown that would best fit your body type and personality.

Q. What is the time frame a bride should allow when ordering a gown?
A. 8-12 months before the wedding. Since each gown is tailored made for each individual bride, it normally takes 4-6 months for a gown to finish. You also need another month or two for alteration, you want to have a perfectly fitted gown at least a month before the wedding.

Q. Destination wedding are very popular right now. Are there any tips you would give to a bride in picking a bridal gown she will be traveling with?
A. We have a collection in which we just specialize in destination styles. These gowns are designed to feel light and comfortable, made with the most luxurious silk fabrics. The silhouettes are usually more simple yet feminine. I love to accent these gowns with crystals beadwork and antique silver embroidery to give them a touch of class and glamour.

Q. Accessories and shoes are so important for the finishing touches to every bride's look. With this in mind, do you have any suggestions as to what you would recommend for the Winnie Couture line of bridal gowns?
A. A pair of simple pearls or rhinestone petite drop earrings would be great with our bridal collection. If you are going for a more dramatic look, an antique necklace can be added. For destination wedding, you can go with a pair of dangle or even chandelier earrings and some small crystal pins in the hair. For shoes, they don’t have to be white or ivory. Since most of the beadwork and embroidery on our dresses are in metallic silver. A pair of silver sandal embellished with a waterfall of rhinestones would looks great with our collection, and you can wear those shoes again for other occasions.

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