Stylish Shoulder Candy

Cover ups you’ll fall in love with from the Kleinfeld Bridal Salon in Manhattan.

Blog entry by Nicole Vega, Manager & Buyer for Kleinfeld Bridal Manhattan

August 29, 2021

Recently, Mara blogged about gowns with straps and sleeves and I wanted to give you even more options for strapless alternatives! What happens if you fall in love with a strapless dress, but never wanted to go strapless for your wedding? Cover ups, boleros, jackets, and shawls offer great solutions to turn a strapless gown into something a little more unique! The reality is, there are many reasons to want a cover up of sorts for your wedding day. For winter weddings, you may want to keep warm. For religious weddings, you may want to cover your shoulders. For fashionable brides, you may want a stylish accessory to accompany your dress. Here are some great options:

Designer: Harrison Morgan | Style: 31951213 | Price: $235 US | Sizes: OS

This pleated tiered Organza cape let is perfectly elegant and totally stylish. With Satin ribbon tie detail, it is easy to throw on or slip off. While it won’t necessarily keep you warm, it will certainly keep you stylish and the light weight nature works even in hotter months. For girls getting married in a church or temple, this is a great way to cover your shoulders during the ceremony. While I especially like this style with simple fitted dresses, I’ve seen it paired with multiple styles and still look fantastic!

Designer: Paris | Style: 331767288 | Price: $255 US | Sizes: OS

This is a very unique piece! In fact it is a veil and shawl all in one. With the comb being easily removable, you can wear this as a mantilla during your ceremony and then transform into a shawl to throw over your shoulders at the reception. The vintage lace detail makes this perfect as an heirloom to be passed on for generations to come.



Designer: Harrison Morgan | Style: 31954824 | Price: $360 US | Sizes: P/S & M/L


For the trendy, fashion forward bride! Rosettes are everywhere in bridal lately (see dresses from designer like Monique Lhuillier, Pnina Tornai, Lazaro, Alita Graham, David Fielden, Elizabeth Fillmore, the list goes on). This sheer Organza bolero features hand crafted Organza rosettes with pearl accents, great especially for outdoor garden weddings. Great with soft, delicate, flowy dresses and adds the right amount of "oomph" to a simple dress.


Designer: Cassin | Style: 31828734 | Price: $1375 US | Sizes: S,M & L


This Rex Rabbit bolero is surprisingly not at all bulky. Aside from being fashionable, it is also functional in keeping you warm and therefore great for winter weddings! This is a great addition to any style gown and the natural ivory color blends well with most shades of wedding dresses. And the best thing about this bolero, as far as I'm concerned, is that you can absolutely wear it again! The ruched sleeves with embellished broaches add sparkle and interest to any cocktail dress or night time ensemble!