The couture collection for the classic, romantic bride.

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The Christos collection, now under the creative direction of Amsale Aberra, owner and creative director of Amsale, has long been established as the couture collection for the classic, romantic bride.

Christos was founded by Cyprus-born designer Christos Yiannakou. After heading his collection for more than 20 years, he retired in 2005, leaving Amsale at the helm of the Christos collection.

As creative director, Amsale has upheld Christos legacy for tradition while infusing a touch of her own modern sensibility into the collection. Amsale sees Christos as a natural extension of her own collection, as both classic and timeless.

A romantic at heart, she reveres Christos as a venue for her more traditional side. In opposition to the modern aesthetic, which defines the Amsale collection, Christos evokes a feeling of fairy-tale, femininity, and romance.

Amsale’s Christos gowns have long stood out for their impeccable heirloom quality. Her use of the finest silks, French laces and silk organza are staples of the collection. Christos designs are especially known for their use of Alencon lace, or point d'Alençon, a type of needle lace created in a French town called Alen.

Hollywood has embraced Amsale's Christos collection, featuring Christos gowns in the Katherine Heigl film 27 Dresses, and the August 2009 film The Accidental Husband, starring Urma Thurman.

View Christos Wedding Dress Collection

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