Johnna Ho

Johnna Ho's accumulation of passionate and trendsetting wedding gowns instantly created buzz.

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Johnna Ho's accumulation of passionate and trendsetting wedding gowns instantly created buzz all over the US. Her unique mix of California cool and New York chic have inspired a loyal following.  

Born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam, Johnna Ho immigrated to Los Angeles, California in the late 1970s where the non-traditional and rebellious fashion scene was the rage. The influence of the 1960s radical look evolved into something more romantic during the 70s and would become the very DNA of Johnna’s overall forward thinking style.  

Her zeal for individualized fashion developed at the curious and innocent age of eight when her recently immigrated family didn’t have enough money to buy clothes for her dolls. Johnna, known for being inventible and curious as a child, carefully thought out the perfect dress and would then hand-sew the doll’s clothes herself. Fashion quickly became her own personal platform of expression during these early days in America when her English was limited.  

Her obsession for bridal wear started when she worked as a seamstress at a bridal boutique while attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, where she graduated in 1995 with honours.

View Johnna Ho Wedding Dress Collection 

Success Strikes

After managing the product development and designing for major brands like Marie Osmond Doll Company and Disney, she left LA for New York in 2006 to work in high-fashion.  

While overseeing the buying and merchandising for such cutting-edge brands likes Miss Sixty and Energie, Johnna realized her dream of having her own high-fashion bridal label that combined such funky and contemporary creations with the romantic and delicate silhouettes. Johnna Ho debuted in April of 2008.

 “I design these dresses for the woman who sets trends in her every day wardrobe,” Johnna says. “Why shouldn’t she be able to express that same identity and charm on her wedding day?”  

The Johnna Ho attitude keeps its finger on the pulse of high-fashion with a savvy collection of wedding dresses that speak to the woman who stands out from the crowd and embraces the sexy and outspoken spirit.