Tips for Picking your Veil

Finish your wedding day look with a stylish veil - Here's how to choose the right one.


Location, Location, Location!
Pick a veil that complements your venue. If it’s in a castle and your gown is simple, create a fairytale effect with a cathedral veil for the ceremony. If you’re having a garden wedding in a cocktail length sheath, add some Hollywood glamour with an angled veil.  

Style of Gown
The general rule – the slimmer the gown the longer the veil. Make sure the veil covers the train. An A-line gown looks best proportioned with a finger tip veil and a ball gown is best proportioned with a shorter veil.  

Body Shape
Consider your
body shape when picking a veil. Long veils will lengthen and slim a body, while shorter veils may emphasize the waist and hip area. Edged veils also tend to call attention to their ending areas, especially waist-length veils, which can add weight to the hip and middle area.  

Face Shape
The general rule – pick a veil opposite to your face shape. If you want to de-emphasize a round face, avoid a round headpiece such as a wreath. If your face is square with an angular jaw, pick a veil with soft rounded edges.  

Choose fabric to suit your gown. If your gown is satin, then satin trim or ribbon edging is nice. If your gown is chiffon consider softer fabrics in a finer edging. Pearls or crystals scattered in a veil can add sparkle to a plain gown.    



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