Always, Always a Bridesmaid - Red Hot
It’s time to take those bridesmaids dresses out of the closet and wear them again.

Create a fresh look with your bridesmaid dress by pairing it with a new heel, a trendy handbag and some chic accessories that go the distance. Check out some of these alternative looks to help you get the most out of your dress.

All bridesmaid dresses are from the Susan Ermann Bridesmaid collection. 

The Dress:  Geraldine L by Suzanne Ermann


Stylish Bridesmaid: Be careful when picking a red dress, many women have a love or loath relationship with the colour. We think it’s hot, but run the idea of red past your maids and gage their reactions.

Shoes: Red lends itself well to strappy sparkly shoes like these Willy Shimmer heels by Chinese Laundry.

Flowers: Since the dress is eye catching, simple flowers work best. A single stem white rose or calla lily would look beautiful with a red gown.

Out on the Town: Red is a spicy hue that can get you noticed well after the wedding day. Easy to dress up for an evening out, don’t be afraid to pull this one out from under the shelves.

Shoes: Keep the focus on the dress by wearing sleek, silver shoes like the Okanarra sandal from Guess.

Handbag:  This silver McNeely clutch is a great way to tie together shoes and accessories while keeping the red dress in focus. When a dress is this attention grabbing, avoid over-accessorizing.

Accessories: A metallic theme carries well with a red dress; match it with Aldo’s beaded hoops in silver.

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