Dress Tips for a Destination Wedding

Follow the advice from our premier wedding designers and get the perfect gown for your destination wedding.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, than finding the right dress could be difficult if you don’t know what works best in the sun. Check out’s top 10 tips from the professionals.  

Style Matters
1. Silhouettes should be more simple yet feminine. Accent your gown with crystal beadwork and antique silver embroidery for a touch of class and glamour. – Winnie Couture

2. The sheath style silhouette travels well and has great movement for outdoor weddings. – Monique Lhuillier

3. If you want a fairytale gown on the beach, choose fabrics that aren’t heavy. Skirts with a medium-width are perfect as they create enough fullness for the look. Choose a gown with a built-in train and have fun with colour. Gowns in ivory or blush look beautiful in a tropical setting. Add a sash or flowers to your bridal gown in the bridesmaids colour.  – Danielle Couture

Choice Fabrics
4. Never pick a fabric to travel with that crushes like paper. For a destination wedding, I would recommend silk crepes, satin back crepe, Charmeuse, chiffon and georgettes. – Reva Mivasagar

5. Fabrics that travel well are cotton and Alencon laces, chiffons, embroidered nets and silk taffetas.  We have a number of gowns in these fabrications that are more narrow silhouettes, which are great for destination weddings. – Anne Barge

6. Fabrics like silk chiffon, lace, four-ply silk, silk tulle or silk satin back crepe are great because they are natural fibers and they breathe well. – Monique Lhuillier

7. Destination gowns should be designed to feel light and comfortable. – Winnie Couture

Travelling with the Gown
8. Keep the gown with you at all times. The gown can go on the plane with you. The stewardess will accommodate you by storing it in their closet at the front of the plane. Do not pack it in your luggage. Have the boutique wrap the gown in plastic as it prevents wrinkles. If the gown is creased after unpacking, just place it on a hanger in a steamed bathroom and the creases will come out. –  Antoniette Catenacci

9. Ask the bridal boutique if they can package the dress and ship it for you. When you arrive, many resorts have a service that can press the gown if needed. – Carmela Sutera

Stained Dress
10. If there’s a stain on your dress – leave it if it’s small. It probably won’t be noticed. Wine can be absorbed with baking soda but be careful not to rub the gown. The finish on a silk fabric can easily be damaged by friction. After the wedding, have the gown professionally cleaned. – Antoniette Catenacci

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