Discover Your Body Shape

Who's celebrity body shape is the same as yours? What wedding dress sillhouette suits you best? Find out ....

Use our guideline to help find your body shape and what dress styles would most flatter your figure for your wedding day. Then check out the female celebrities who share your body type.

There are four basic figure types: pear (triangle), apple (inverted triangle), hourglass, and column (rectangle).

How To Find Your Body Shape
Stand in front of a full mirror and have a good look at yourself. Draw a line on the mirror with a crayon or chalk horizontally (straight across) from shoulder to shoulder (You may want a friend to do this). Draw another horizontal line across from the largest points on your hip. Next, draw a horizontal line across from the narrowest points of your waist. You now have three horizontal lines; you need to connect these lines vertically with your crayon ( going up or down) to reveal a shape.

Now click on the shape below that best matches your shape.

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