5 Ways to Get Him Involved in the Wedding

If your fiancé isn’t much help in the wedding planning department, then here are a few tasks he can complete to feel like he’s a part of the wedding.

1. Give him choices.
Ask his opinion and make it count. The last thing he wants is for you to override every decision he makes about the wedding.  

2. Let him be in charge of choosing the music/DJ and the transportation. You want to make him feel like he has ownership of these areas, so trust his judgment.  

3. Let him take care of his groomsmen. The last thing a guy wants is a nagging fiancé. Again, trust him that he’s responsible enough to look after the boys.  

4. Get his opinion on the menu. Most guys love to eat, so we don’t think he’ll turn you down if you tell him there’s a free taste test.  

5. Let him plan the honeymoon. You’ll have enough things to worry about, so let him take this task from you. He’ll probably be excited to know that he gets to plan a surprise honeymoon that you’ll both enjoy.

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