Not Your Mother's Wedding Registry

The Gift Network is over 100 wedding gift registries in one convenient, easy to use and completely free package.

Written by TRB Contributors

Once upon a time registering for wedding gifts meant stopping in at your local department store, picking your China pattern, and waiting for those gravy boats to start rolling in. But who wants a gravy boat? Who even wants all of their wedding gifts to come from the same beige department store? Don't fret! The Gift Network offers the perfect solution for your wedding registry woes!

The Gift Network is not one wedding registry. The Gift Network is over 100 wedding gift registries in one convenient, easy to use and completely free package! All the partner stores in the The Gift Network have their own gift registries, but when you register at you can register for gifts at all of those stores in a single registry. No more running around to register and no more running around for your guests to buy your wedding gifts!

Department stores offer many products and specialize in none. Often large department stores don't even offer the hottest, hippest, trendiest products - in other words, the products you want. By registering at you can tailor your wedding gift registry to reflect the good and products you want, not merely to what's available. Transform your wedding gift registry to a unique and personal registry that reflects your unique style, your unique tastes!

What is your style? Rustic? Traditional? Modern? Nautical? It would be an impossible task to fill a wedding gift registry at an individual store with all of the products you need in the decor style you want. But with the The Gift Network it's as simple as click, click, click! Choose from 115 of the finest retailers who specialize in the products you need and in the styles your discerning tastes demand. You can search by product, retailers, store, or by category to build your dream wedding gift registry.

A registry with The Gift Network is easy on your wedding guests too. You can expect to send your friends and loved ones running all over town, from store to store to get your wedding gifts. But with The Gift Network you can offer your wedding guests a quick and convenient way to get the gifts that you really want without all of the leg work. And don't worry - if your great-aunt Martha isn't computer savvy, she can still buy the gifts from your Gift Network registry in-store!

Sometimes brides-to-be feel uncomfortable putting more expensive products on their wedding gift registries. Money is a sensitive topic and you don't want anyone to feel left out from giving you a wonderful wedding gift. The Gift Network has a solution for this common problem. With a Gift Network registry your friends and loved can "chip-in" toward the more expensive items! They simply choose to contribute to a more expensive item and enter the amount that they're comfortable with. Not only can you get the things you want, but everyone can participate in giving them to you!

Registration at The Gift Network is completely free. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can register and start building your perfect wedding gift registry. Why settle for bland department store registry when you get the gift you want from the stores you love? To make the deal even sweeter and to help you get even more of the items you really want, The Gift Network will give you a $100 gift certificate if you create a registry that's $2000 or more!