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Q&A; with √Član Cachet featuring one of their favourite weddings of 2011.

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 Up close and personal with Antoinette & Michelle
Name: Antoinette Antoine, Michelle Edey
Company Name: Élan-Cachet Event Management
Type of Service: Local and Destination Wedding Planning
Area of Service: Toronto, GTA and World Wide
Professional Accreditations: George Brown Event & Management Diploma, Producing and Engineering Diploma and Business Marketing Diploma
Favourite Romantic Movie: [Antoinette] The Notebook - I could watch it over and over again and every time I would cry. I am a sucker for romance. [Michelle] Wedding Planner - I mean, when you have Matthew McConaughey as eye candy, what more do you need!
Favourite Wedding Dress Designer: [Antoinette] I don’t have one - I do love some of Vera Wang’s dresses but I am so different and unique in my taste. [Michelle]  Mori Lee designs - being a plus size, I really love the designs. Galina Collection by David’s Bridal. Both designers are so different but they do an amazing job of creating gowns that complement plus size body shapes
Q: Why does a bridal couple need a wedding planner?
A:Every bridal couple has a vision of what their perfect wedding day should be like and a planner’s job is to bring that vision to reality. 
Michelle and Antoinette feel a wedding planner can help the bridal couple pick colours to go with a theme; keep them up-to-date on the latest trends and make their wedding as personable as possible. 
A planner can also save them time and money and direct them to vendors that are reputable. They’re like having insurance that takes care of the entire event and provides the couple with a stress free wedding day to enjoy.
Q: What tips do Michelle and Antoinette have for a bridal couple choosing a wedding planner?
A: Look for a planner that is educated in the field and has plenty of experience and references available.
Make sure you are comfortable and confident with the wedding planner. 
Make appointments with three wedding planners before you make a decision. The planner should be professional in appearance and well organized. They should pay attention to minute details and show a genuine interest and passion about working with you. Knowing they will take care of everything wedding related, will allow you to relax and enjoy the wedding process.
Q: What is the biggest challenge you both have ever faced as a wedding planners and how did you resolve this challenge?
A: The biggest challenge we faced as wedding planners was when one of the guests passed out in the foyer at the wedding and cut his head.
“This fellow was bleeding quite a bit and we didn’t want the rest of the guests to find out what was going on,” Antoinette recalls.
“Most of the guests were already in the ball room and we wanted to keep them there while we called to get medical attention for the injured guest.
“Because Michelle and I are both trained in CPR, the first thing we did after we called the paramedics was to create an area where he would be comfortable. Then we worked together to close off the entrance to the foyer temporarily where the injured guest was. We provided another exit from the reception to the washroom area for guests to use,” Antoinette says.
“After we resolved the problem we let the bride know everything was taken care of and she could continue to enjoy the rest of the evening,” Michelle says.
Q: If you were planning your own wedding, what ( wedding style best defines your personality and why?  (I.e. Seaside, Traditional, Modernist or Country Charm)
A: “The funny thing is both Michelle and I are currently planning our own weddings and we both chose a destination wedding, so I would have to say we have Seaside style but I also have a Modernist flare” Antoinette says.
Michelle feels her taste is a combination of Seaside, Traditional and Modernist because she loves the water, loves lace and loves bright colours. 
“We both love the beach and anything tropical –so a destination wedding was a perfect fit,” Antoinette explains.
“Yup,” Michelle says. “Both destination weddings and both will be a lot of fun!”
Q: What is your dream location for a wedding and why?
A: “Anywhere tropical,” Antoinette blurts out “it’s more fun in the sun!”
Michelle on the other hand says, “It’s all about the water. It could be an ocean, lake or waterfall; I just think this natural element makes the absolute best backdrop to celebrate your nuptials.”
Q: If you could plan a wedding for anyone in the world, past or present, who would it be and why?
A: It would be an honour to plan a wedding for Oprah Winfrey because she does so many good things for people all over. She is an amazing woman and she has great style and personality – plus she throws great parties,” Antoinette says.
“I would want to plan Sandra Bullock’s wedding,” Michelle exclaims, “because she is a down-to-earth person who is classy and has a fun personality; I know planning her wedding would be amazing.”
Q: What is your favourite wedding you have planned in 2011 and why?
A: It was very hard for us to choose one, but if we had to select our favourite wedding this year it would be Melissa and Stan’s because it stood out so much in our minds. 
The couple love animals, so much so, their photographer called their shoot “28 legs and counting” (you figure that one out!).
When we were introduced to the couple they owned three dogs and a beautiful old horse but by the time the wedding date rolled around, we had lost count of the new additions.
Their outdoor ceremony started with the bride riding in on a horse drawn carriage with the lake and beautiful greenery as a backdrop. Their adorable dogs were dressed to impress as they pranced down the aisle. They also had a unique photo shoot and show stopping choreographed dances for the entertainment.
The couple created a day that was a blast and a reflection of them - no guest would forget it - and everyone left with a greater understanding of who they were as a couple.

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