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 Up close and personal with Carla...

Name: Carla Abramovici        
Company Name: Trade Sensation Events
Location: Across Toronto
Area of Service: One stop wedding boutique specializing in wedding planning, décor, floral, design, rentals and stationary.
Professional Accreditations: Diamond Wedding Planner, Instructor for Event Planning Mentorship Program, Largest planning team in Canada.
Favourite Romantic Movie: The Notebook - without a question, for obvious reasons!
Favourite Wedding Dress Designer: Monique Lhuillier, San Patrick, Vera Wang, Jim Hjelm.

Q: Why does a bridal couple need a wedding planner?
The top reason to have a wedding planner is you can have a stress free wedding. A planner takes care of vendors and suppliers by negotiating and providing vendor discounts to you. They create a flawless execution up to and on your wedding day, saving you time and money.

Q: What tips do you have for a bridal couple choosing a wedding planner?
A: Do your research when picking a wedding planner and ask for referrals. Make sure they’re doing this as their profession and they’re experienced. Get an outline of what your package includes and set expectations and parameters. Ensure there is a comfort level and a feeling you can trust them.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced as a wedding planner and how did you overcome it?
The biggest challenge is dealing with vendors who don’t fulfill their part of the contract and who over promise and then under deliver on the wedding day. I come across this lack of professionalism quite a bit and as a wedding planner I have to rectify the problem without ever involving the bridal couple.
Our company has professionals in planning, décor and floral design so we can jump in and deal with these issues with confidence and on short notice. Once a contact is negotiated, our goal is to deliver our promise of a flawless event, at all costs.

Q: If you were planning your own wedding, which ( wedding style best defines your personality and why? (i.e. Seaside, Traditional, Modernist or Country Charm)
My style would be Modernist –just because of the venue.

Think old-fashioned Hollywood, red carpet glamour; the bride (me) as the starlet.

The wedding colours would be silver, ivory and blush pink. The flowers would be classic roses, peonies and lilies.

The venue would be an old art deco movie theatre, like Capital Theatre or The Eglinton Grand. A stage would be wonderful and a big lobby would be a perfect setting for cocktails. A swing band would play oldies but goodies for all the guests to dance the night away.

And for transportation – I would arrive and drive away in a vintage Rolls Royce Phantom convertible.

Q: What is your dream location for a wedding and why?
A vintage castle in Italy or France; I love Europe with a passion.

Q: If you could plan a wedding for anyone in the world, past or present, who would it be and why?
I would like to plan a wedding for Marilyn Monroe. I think she was glamorous, chic and an interestingly complex lady with tons of style and sophistication.

Q: What is your favourite wedding you have planned in 2011 and why?
All my clients’ weddings are truly amazing and unique, but if I had to pick one I would pick the Egyptian wedding I did in July because the bride and groom were spectacular to work with.

Angela and Peter, the bridal couple, are medical students studying in the United States. I planned their wedding via email and with the help of the brides’ parent’s (Riad and Jacqueline) who live in Richmond Hill. I have never met a more appreciative family who were so kind and considerate and open to my creative ideas.

The wedding was spectacular from beginning to end. The decor colour, eggplant, pistachio green and ivory, was a gorgeous chic combination. The entertainments, ballroom dancers from Vivace Studios, were so elegant and graceful and the live jumbo television screen was a huge success. There were so many unique touches that made this wedding day perfect.

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