Craft Ideas: Favour Mini-Metal Pails with Lollipops

Create these fun to make thank-you favours your guests will enjoy.

Mini Pail Favours


Supplies for the Mini Pails

 Materials for each favour:  
- Glue gun
- 5 Lollipops
- 7 inches
- 5/8 inch fuchsia pink ribbon
- *1 Felt Flowers with Diamonette (WedShop # 8419 -06)
- *1 Felt Butterfly (WedShop # 8420-22)
- *1 Mini White Pail with Handle (WedShop # 8412)  

*Can be purchased at WedShop    


 Three Easy Steps….  
Step 1

Step 1
Using the glue gun; glue the ribbon around the top of the pail. Use the ridges on the pail as a guide to line up the ribbon.




Step 2

Step 2
Take one felt flower (or felt butterfly); glue in the centre of the pail – where the ribbon is joined by glue – to hide the seam.






Step 3

Step 3
Add five colourful lollipops and you’re done.