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Star Trek Wedding Traditions

Add some funky Star Trek touches to your wedding.

Star Trek weddings are more popular than you think – whether it be couples using a star trek cake topper or wearing full out costumes, there are fun ways for any Trekkie fan to have a Star Trek wedding.  

Watch the Klingon Wedding 

The Venue
- Get married aboard
Cruise-Trek. Destinations and itinerary change yearly so plan a head. Sail with other Trekkie fans, meet actors who worked on Star Trek and have fun dressing up.
- Star Trek: The experience has been the host to many Star Trek weddings. Get married by the Captain himself aboard a space ship; although closed down, it is expected to re-open in 2010 in the Neonopolis mall in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

The Attire
- Dress up the little ones (ring bearer, flower girl, junior bridesmaid/groomsmen) as Ensigns.
- Have a Star Trek uniform or captain outfit for your officiate.
- Have the bride wear ornate and glittery jewellery, Including a head piece.
- Have bridesmaids dressed in red.
- Have guests and bridal party dress as Star Trek aliens, for example, Vulcans, Klingons, Orions etc.  

The Ceremony
- Play music from Star Trek soundtracks, as a suggestion try "Hill of the Skull" by Joe Satriani, album "Surfing with the Alien."
Listen to the music 
- Use vows from the Klingon wedding in Deep Space Nine: 

Officiate: HUSBAND’S NAME Does your heart beat only for this woman?  
Response: Yes.

Officiate: HUSBAND’S NAME And will you swear to join with her and stand with her against all who would oppose you?       
Response: I swear. 

Officiate: WIFE’s NAME does your heart beat only for this man?  
Response: Yes.

WIFE’S NAME And will you swear to join with him and stand with him against all who would oppose you?     
Response: I swear.   
The Reception
- Use Klingon blood wine cups to drink champagne.
- Serve “Romulan Ale” by adding blue food colouring to champagne. 
- Decorate the cake like the Starship Enterprise.
- Use a Star Trek toy (space ship or character) as a cake topper.
- Make your own Vulcan Wedding Cake – check out how to make your own Vulcan Wedding Cake  

Congratulations on your Star Trek Wedding. May you live long and prosper.