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How to Build your Wardrobe from the Ground Up

Simple tricks to revamp your wardrobe without spending a lot of money.

Guide to a wardrobe reboot










If you still have tapered jeans from the 80’s, neon-coloured rock band shirts, sparkling blazers and of course, the light faded jean jacket in your closet, it’s probably time for a major wardrobe reboot.  

To start your new wardrobe, find a piece – such as a sports jacket – that you can wear with more than one outfit.  

“Building your wardrobe is like building a house; the foundation is first,” says Alvisio Violo, Tip Top Tailors Style Expert. “Solid and textured sport jackets give the most versatility.”  

Mark Salgado, from House of Salgado, agrees. He suggests buying a dark blue suit as a foundation and mix in a pair of khakis for a more causal look. Or pair the suit jacket with a white blue-pinned dress shirt and dark blue jeans.  

“With that one blue jacket, you can generate three different looks,” he says. “Find something you can dress up or dress down.”  

Two key points you should know when repopulating your closet:

- Mix and match based on your personal taste level. Be sure to check’s Men’s Style Guide to make sure you’re in style this season.

- The basic principles of wardrobe-building are to match a soft, form-fitting jacket, with solid shirts and denim or khaki bottoms.     

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