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The Best Man Checklist

If you’re best bud asked you to be his best man, than you’re someone he can depend on, so don’t let him down. Here’s a simple break down of your responsibilities as Best Man.

The Best Man Checklist


o      Plan/organize the bachelor party

o      Plan seating arrangement for rehearsal dinner

o      Provide transportation for the groom to the ceremony and from the reception

o      Ensure the groom has paid the marriage licence and the officiants on the wedding day

o      Make sure groom arrives to the ceremony on time and is relaxed

o      Hold wedding bands during the ceremony

o      Act as witness on marriage certificate

o       Make sure ushers (or groomsmen) know the proper seating arrangements (bride’s family on left, groom’s family on right)

o      Collect money from groomsmen if they are buying a joint wedding gift

o      Dance with bridesmaid and bride at wedding

o      Return grooms rented tux/suit

o      Volunteer to take the couple’s luggage to the hotel

o      Confirm honeymoon arrangements

o      Prepare a speech for the reception


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