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Men Grooming Tips

Even the manliest of men find ways to improve their look. Here are five quick grooming steps for every guy to follow.

Step 1: Get a Haircut
Your hair compliments your face, so don't be afraid to ask your barber what kind of hairstyle or cut is good for your face shape. A nice neat haircut with little or no hair products is a good way to go. Watch out for greasy hair.
Step 2: Wash your Face
Use a cleanser. It makes a visible difference if your face is unwashed or oily.
Step 3: Maintain your Eyebrows
Eyebrows need to be tamed; waxing is the best way to go (unless you want to endure the pain of plucking). Eyebrows can be thick, but they need to be defined. Remove stray hairs, while maintaining the natural course of the eyebrow.
Step 4: Clean your Fingernails
A quick manicure will do the trick. If visiting a nail salon isn't your thing, make sure you keep your nails looking clean and presentable. No woman wants a man with dirty nails.
Step 5: Get Rid of the Stink
Gentlemen, it's a given, showering on a regular basis is important, but if you're the type that sweats, be sure to wear deodorant, and lots of it. Even if you don't smell anything, there's a chance that someone else does. Tip: Don't shower yourself with cologne either; too much can be suffocating. Stay within the two sprits limit