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Dick’s Picks – July

The ultimate guy’s review. From movies and TV shows to books and CD’s, get the latest scoop on what guys are talking about.


Glacéau’s Vitamin Water

Within our La Bodega section we have excellent selection of drinks that can get any party bumpin’, but what happens the next morning when the only thing that’s bumping is your head? We all have our little tricks, but one thing that’ll get the job done is Glacéau’s Vitamin Water. With endless flavours, these drinks do all sorts of jobs – Rescue, Balance and Multi Vitamin. So whatever you’re doing this summer, remember a good way to keep hydrated or re-fuel after a long night is to drink up...on vitamin water that is!  





Vat19 Slush Mug

Vat19 Slush Mug is something every man needs to cool down on those hot summer days. The Slush Mug can take most of your favourite beverages and turn them into a slushie in a matter of minutes. Have you ever wanted a beer slushie? When you crush ice in a blender you water down your drink, but one of the best features of the Slush Mug is it freezes the drink so the slush is made of whatever you put it! May I suggest a fruit punch vitamin water slush?  




Public Enemies (July 1st 2009)

Set in the 1930’s Depression, see how one cunning bank robber named John Dillinger (Johnny Depp) forced the American government to re-vamp and re-arm itself to capture him. With an all-star cast and a kick-ass story it’s sure to please many. Starring: Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Channing Tatum, David Wenham and Emilie de Ravin  







Girl - Hayden Panettiere

Turning 20 on August 21st, Hayden has done more than most actresses have in their entire career! This singer, actress and TV star already has one of the most popular TV series, Heroes. Hayden was first known for her role in Disney’s 2000 football movie “Remember The Titans”. There’s no where to go but up for this beautiful young woman. Watch for her in the movie “I Love You, Beth Cooper” (July 10th 2009).  






TV (DVD Set) Eastbound and Down (Season 1)

Here’s a show some of you may have missed while it was on TV; but it’s one you can’t ignore! Eastbound And Down is about Kenny Powers (Danny McBride- Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder), a washed-up Baseball pitcher who returns to his home town middle-school to be a substitute gym teacher while awaiting his triumphant return to the big leagues.    





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