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Bachelor Party Ideas: Air Combat Zone

Take your stag party to new heights with this one of a kind air combat simulation.

What Is It?
Air Combat Zone is a facility that simulates a fighter pilot’s experience. The Dixie and 401 facility is fully equipped with everything that a fighter pilot will go through before and during the mission. Climb into a CF-18 Hornet jet fighter cockpit, and then fly with and against your buddies.

How realistic is it?
Well, half of the staff are ex-pilots while the other half are aviation-enthusiasts. There have been real pilots that have visited the facility and all agree that it feels like the real thing to them (G-force excluded).

Who Is It For?
For anyone who always wanted to experience being a pilot but can’t afford to get into a cockpit of a real jetfighter, this is the next best thing.  From the briefing to the feel of the joysticks, the experience is as accurate as it can get.

There are no age limits; in fact, Air Combat Zone had an 86 year old gentleman who enjoyed himself in the facility. However, there are some restrictions that can prevent you from being in the cockpit. For instance, the cockpit is dimensionally accurate, which means that some people might have difficulties climbing on or fitting in. Another issue is height. A pilot must be tall enough to see over the dashboard or the ‘HUD.’ Lastly, you will be looking at a giant screen through your HUD, if you easily get nauseated, be sure to bring some Gravol.

Air Combat Zone staff recommends visiting the facility before booking to confirm that you and your guests are suited to fly the simulators.

Before You Fly
Nothing to worry about! If you don’t have the slightest clue on how to fly anything Air Combat Zone’s friendly staff teaches you the essentials: manoeuvre, seek and destroy (for air to air missions) in computer simulations. Then, sends you to the briefing room where they will explain, in-depth, the controls, buttons and sounds you will hear during a dogfight.

The facility has:
- Flight Ops
- Ready Room
- PC Sims
- Briefing Room
- Flight Line (where the cockpits are)
- Conference Room

The Flight Line only has 4 cockpits. This means that going with a large group could mean waiting time of up to two hours before your turn comes again. Air Combat Zone staff recommends groups no more than twenty. However, you could play a game in which you are divided into teams and the pilot in your team stays in the cockpit until he gets shot down; then pilots switch with a group member on queue.

Air Combat Zone doesn’t provide stats after your missions because the promotion of a great time is their main objective.

Bachelor parties are priced by how many ‘pilots’ your party brings and what package (Top Gun or Scramble Stag) you select. Air Combat Zone staff recommends you book four weeks in advance. Find out more about pricing and packages.

To book your mission, click here