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G-Spot: The Axe Bullet

This deodorant body spray packs a big punch in these small bullet-sized canisters.

The Good:
Each Axe Bullet comes in 5mL canisters and is $4.75 for a pack of four. These small canisters have a locking mechanism feature so you don’t inadvertently spray yourself. The locking mechanism is a great feature for the small canister because The Axe Bullet is small enough to place in your pocket unnoticed.

The Bad:
This didn’t do what the commercials said it would do! It doesn’t get girls to swoon all over me as I pass them by. One time I thought I got a look from a girl after I sprayed these bad boys on, but it was just because I had ketchup on my face after I ate street meat.

Bullet is a catchy name. However, as a promoter of non-violence, I’m not sure if I approve of the name “Bullet.” Remember when the Washington Wizards were once called Washing Bullets? It’s the same reason why they changed the Washington team’s name.

The Skinny:
With its size slightly larger than a AA battery, Axe Bullet is perfect for men on the go. Obviously, it will provide less spray per can, but it contains the same powerful aromas of its larger predecessor. Although Axe Bullet wont get you the girls the way the funny commercials insinuate, this deodorant has the great delicate blend of wood and fruit that does please the nose of both men and women in a small but powerful package.