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Dear...Put Your Feet First, Please!

Fellas, you need to groom your's why!

A couple of weeks ago, I was out buying shoes when I over heard a great looking guy being reprimanded by his girlfriend for his stinky feet! THAT wasn’t all, he wasn’t wearing socks and he had really thick calluses!

My girlfriends and I were talking about all the things we hate about men’s feet. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, we have no life but really you guys have to shape-up when it comes to your feet. I mean, half of you have athlete’s foot, unclipped nails, not to mention hairy toes and those calluses and corns, DISGUSTING!

Guys, you may think those calluses you’ve developed are your insurance to protect your feet. I can just hear your excuses, “these extra layers of firm thick tissue I developed toughen skin and resist constant friction.” But buddy, the protection can be a problem if the growth becomes large, inflamed or painful.

Fortunately, you can take steps to avoid or control the discomfort, as well as ours! Here is a three step system on how to manage those gruesome paws you live with. If you’re extra lucky, maybe your sweetie will massage your foot cream into your feet, once they’re clean! It could lead to something else.

1. Get a pedicure! I know most of you guys don’t like going to the salon but it’s a great way to start if your feet are a real mess. Okay, if you won’t go to the salon then we have to go to step two.

2. Home Pedicure 101 for Guys: Trim your nails with a nail trimmer, straight across and not too close to the skin. Don't clip toenail corners as this could cause ingrown toenails.

  • Take a realxing foot soak in a basin of warm, soapy water to get rid of any dirt or grime. You can add some essential oil of lavender for that relaxing feeling. Use a pumice stone to get rid of any rough, dry skin for a smooth look.
  • After the soak, your feet should be relaxed and supple to work on. Clean under the nails with a Q-tip.
  • Dry your feet, rub some cuticle oil into your cuticles and give yourself a gentle massage with a rich foot cream for a couple of minutes or more.
  • Prop your feet up so you can work comfortably on them. Next, use a Q-tip to push the softened cuticles back.
  • Light lotion or foot cream is a real treat as you massage your feet. This is good for circulation too! Lush has some products for foot care worth checking out. 

3. Prevention is half the battle:

  • To prevent nail problems, keep feet dry, avoid non-porous shoes, purchase absorbent socks, wear waterproof sandals at public showers and blow dry your nails after washing.
  • Tea tree oil is great. Use a drop on the nail twice a day. Soaking your nails in vinegar for 20 minutes once a week helps prevent fungal infections.
  • If you have foot pains go to the doctor before it gets worse. Your feet will thank you and so will your sweetheart!