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A Close Look at the Best Man Speech

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to joke and poke fun at your best friend and get away with it ........... Don't blow it!

So you have to do a wedding toast and you don’t have the slightest clue on how to do it. First thing you probably will do is Google “Best Man Speeches.” Am I getting warm? Then you’ll probably go to YouTube to find an example. Now, I’m hot, right? Fret no more troubled reader. Not only will you get tips and directions but we will also feature videos that will be critiqued according to a set of criteria written by Toastmasters International. The videos range from the absolute worst to the downright brilliant. So, sit back and enjoy until the spotlight shines on you.

Based on the Toastmasters International toasting tips, here are the criteria of how we will score the following Best Man speech videos.

The rating system is 1 to 10 – 10 being the “best."

Know Your Surroundings: Find out how much space you will have to work with; find ways to use it to your advantage. (I.e. if you know there is a live band, get them to play background music during a meaningful and sincere part of the toast.)

Introduction: Start, not with a whimper, but with a bang. Do something or say something to get the audience’s attention. Ease the tension by saying a joke or something clever.

Content: The content of the toast has to be relevant. The message should be inspiring; combined with humour and heart-felt material. The bride, not just the groom should be mentioned in the speech. The overall content should be positive.

Ending: End the speech on a great note. The conclusion should be positive; heart-felt and/or funny. The toast should be presented well.

Length: Ideally, you should keep the speech between 3-6 minutes. Say as much as you can but always leave the crowd wanting more.

Humour: The humour shouldn’t be crude, rude or distasteful. The audience should laugh often. The humour should be positive and should tie in with the whole toast.

Clarity: The speech should be loud and clear. The speaker should speak at the right speed while making sure not to slur any words.

Eye contact: Maintain eye contact 50% of the time with the newlyweds and the other 50% with the audience. Eye contact was often displayed.

Posture: Stand straight, don’t slouch or lean on a prop. Don’t wave your hands around while presenting.

Overall Presentation: The presenter should be comfortable, enthusiastic and passionate. The presenter should dress well and have a toasting glass.

Our Best Man speech examples:
Video1: The UK A-OK
Video 2: The Interpretive Love Dance
Video 3: Best Man Pulls Groom Out of Closet
Video 4: The Quicksand Situation

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