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Lean on Me!

Lean on Canadian beef for a taste and waist-friendly grilling season.

Mediterranean Pasta Salad and Spice-rubbed beefAny way you slice it, Canadian beef is nutritious and delicious. And did you know trimmed of fat, either before or after cooking, Canadian beef is lean? Loaded with 14 essential nutrients, including iron and protein, Canadian beef is a power-packed, nutrient-rich addition to any meal. So this grilling season, lean on Canadian beef.


The Power of Lean Protein 
Eating protein-rich foods, like lean Canadian beef, with your meals and snacks may help curb hunger between meals. A number of studies have found protein can help keep you feeling full between meals, more so than either carbohydrates or fat. That’s why adding lean protein to meals and snacks, or bumping up the amount of protein you eat, may help with appetite control and weight loss. Research has also shown our bodies naturally burn a few more calories when we eat protein compared to fats or carbohydrates. It has also been shown, diets rich in lean protein can help improve blood triglyceride (fat) and blood glucose (sugar) levels.  This is great if you want to lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

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