Dean & Maria

My fiance Dean and I are both from Milton, Ontario; We have known each other for a long time but , never got a chance to connect. Eight years ago, I was bartending for my cousins Stag and Doe. My heart came out of my chest when I saw Dean! I always had a crush on him and now he was here! I got my chance, when I started running low on the favorite drink of the night, I decided to put same aside for Dean. He came to ask me for a refill and I replied "I've been saving this especially for you." We started talking and realized we shared the same love for music, hockey and good wine. It wasn't until a few years later that we would come together. Dean would often call and became a very close friend. During this time my father became ill and was diagnosed with cancer. He was always there. As his illness progressed, Dean and I became closer. When my father passed away, Dean came to the Funeral. This meant a lot to me. He continued to be supportive in helping cope in this difficult time. From being just a friend, he became my Best Friend.

Every year in the month of November we have a memorial for my dad. Dean was out of town for business but, arriving later that evening. We were meeting for a late dinner. When I arrived at his home and entered, all the lights were out. I heard the Gypsy Kings music and at a distance noticed a sea of candles. Oblivious to what was going to happen , I continued walking towards the kitchen. There were 24 long stem red roses, a bottle of wine, a beautiful card and gift bag. As I turned my back to open the bag, Dean was on one knee professing his love for me."You are my Best Friend, Soul mate and I Love You very much. Would you give me the honor in being my wife." I cried, laughed and couldn't believe what was happening! We had a limo escort us to where we shared our first dinner date. At that moment, I wished I could share this special moment with my father. At that instant, Dean informed me that he brought a white rose to my fathers resting place. It was his way of asking for my hand in marriage. I felt even though my father couldn't walk me down the aisle, Dean insured that I would always feel my fathers presence around me. I found the Perfect Man~ Now Please Vote For Us, so I can find my Perfect Dress!!!

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