Tiffany & Jason

Jay and I met in College studying music (my major was vocals, Jays was bass guitar). On the first day of class 60 people including myself where sitting in a room. Our teacher was late so we all sat there sizing each other up. A few got up and played the piano to pass the time. Jay got up and played "Midnight Sonata" which was amazing. You can tell from Jays appearance that he is a totally "metal head" so for him to get up and play a classical song I was impressed to say the least. I instantly knew that I had to get to know him. 5 years later, this past Christmas, Jay asked me to marry him. I’m so lucky that I can spend my life with a person that shares the same passion for music that I do! We even have a band together! In so many ways I know he’s the love of my life. We plan to get married at the new Hard Rock Casino in Punta Cana July 2013. I can’t wait!