Kristina and Mike

Michael and I met through a mutual friend; I saw his smile and said “He will be mine”. 9 months in we had an ooops, our beautiful baby girl Alivia. Times were hard, we had no employment and bills were piling up. Michael was diagnosed with a Kidney disease, a transplant will be required. Amazingly enough, we both got great jobs and a home. I was home all alone and the dreadful call came in. At 11pm February 22 2010, Michael was driving home with Alivia and got rear ended by an 18 wheeler transport truck. My heart jumped in my throat as the tears began to fall. Thankfully Alivia was fine, Michael acquired permanent damage and lost all feeling.

He has been on disability ever since. This experience made our love grow much stronger for one another. We began to try for another child, In August this blessing came true, we named her Maya. Both our wages dropped to 55% which made it hard, little did I know Michael was saving away for my gorgeous ring. On December 23 2011 Michael insisted that I opened my stocking, at the bottom I found a ring box. When I opened it I saw a $10 fashion ring with a riddle “Here sits the ring that I believe you requested; by the look on your face you look much detested. I sense anger in your face because your cheeks have gone red; perhaps another riddle lies within your bed”. Quickly I ran to my room, And I Saw another ring box with a ring pop with another riddle that follows “You found another ring, that’s taste is extra sweet, I always thought you wanted a ring that you could eat! Candy is sweet and it describes who you are; your next riddle is somewhere hidden, inside a fancy car!” When I got to our car there was another ring box with an onion ring followed by a riddle “A ring was found but not as sweet, a little salt makes for a tasty treat! Your frustration has grown quite largely I see; your next little clue hangs from a tree”.

When I got to the tree there was a ring box hanging with nothing in it other than a damn riddle that followed “A Christmas ornament filled with glee, what is inside? Open it up and we shall see! WHAT no ring what a low blow, turn out the lights to watch your next riddle Glow” Quickly I turned off the lights, and saw Michael down on one knee with a glow in the dark poster saying “Will you marry me?” My knees buckled and I quickly responded with a “Finally YES!”