Raquel & Ben

We met one night on the beach in Thailand. Raquel was leaving to the next island in 5 hours. our eyes met and instantly we fell in love and I promised to be with her again. so caught up in the moment we forgot to exchange numbers I convinced my friends to join me on a 9 hour long journey to find the girl of my dreams with only a name. We arrived at sunset on the beach to the festival she was attending. I searched over 3 hours amongst 30,000 people and when our eyes met it was an indescribable feeling. We spent 2 days together connecting on every level. We were heartbroken when we had to part ways. Myself to Australia and her to Canada. We spoke every day over the next 8 months until I sold all my possessions and moved to be with her this past Christmas. I purposed at Christmas and now planning our wedding for the upcoming year. It truly is a fairy tale story.