Annie and Jeff

Jeff and I met at the wedding of our mutual friends. I had recently been through some hard times in my love life and my best friend thought this wedding would be a great way to get my mind off the past. Little did we realize that I would meet my life partner there. Jeff and I spent that weekend together, and then met a few weeks later, in Toronto (which was halfway between our hometowns) for our first date. Jeff seemed out of my league at the wedding and I was afraid he wouldn’t be interested anymore. I was so surprised when I was greeted by a very quiet and nervous guy! Over the next few months, Jeff opened up more and more.

I joke now that I can’t get him to stop talking when we are alone! It’s still clear that Jeff and I are opposites, but we know our personalities pull one another closer to a calm centre. Jeff says (and friends and family!) that I’ve pulled him out of his shell. I have also lit his passion for travel, good food, good wine, and, although he might not always admit it, country music! This all seems so small compared to what Jeff has done for me – he has helped me to calm down, to take life and its curves a little lessseriously, and most importantly, to take care of my diabetes and succeed as a Type 1 diabetic. In 2009, Jeff agreed to partner with me in fundraising $12,000 for Team Diabetes Canada, an arm of the Canadian Diabetes Association. As part of our commitment, we ran the 2009 Honolulu Full (42km) marathon. Jeff is a runner – I am not. Despite the ability to complete the race in 4 hours, Jeff chose to run it by my side and look after me.

We finished hand in hand after 8 1/2 hours! It is no lie that days before meeting Jeff, I had sat on my parents’ back porch, talking with the stars and praying for proof that someone could love me. Every day, Jeff reminds me that he is that someone who loves me. He kisses me before he leaves for work, says I love you before bed, and much more in between. Jeff is, without a doubt, the answer to my prayer that summer night and I cannot wait to walk down the aisle, in whatever dress I finally end up in, and answer his prayers.

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