Jillian & Gerard

Gerard best friend is Jillian's aunt's nephew. Confusing, huh? Now, Jillian's good friend from Nursing is one of Gerard's good friends he met through his best friends. With that kind of connection, it was all a matter of time before these two would naturally be attracted to each other (or so you would think!)

The first time we met, it was at Boston Pizza when our mutual friends decided to all have dinner together. Jillian sat in front of Gerard that night, but Jillian was simply not having any of Gerard's powerful advances (okay, maybe not so powerful). Jillian, who was going through a rough patch with her Ex-Boyfriend at the time, ignored Gerard and his charming personality. Although Gerard tried to engage in conversation with Jillian, she was just too upset with her previous relationship. Big FAIL for Gerard at the time.

Now as you all know, it couldn't have ended there. Fate just happened to step in and kept bringing these two love birds together by making them run into each other at work accidentally. Gerard hardly ever recognize Jillian in her scrubs and geeky hair glasses combo, so Jillian always had to flag him down whenever she saw him at work. So eventually, Gerard found a way to maintain a contact with Jillian. How? He pulled off the classic maneuver. He asked for her number! Little did we know that we were about to embark on a life journey with each other.

During their 2 year anniversary in Mexico, on a cruise boat, Gerard decided to propose after dinner rather than on the beach where the ring may get lost or dirty. Gerard was ready to not only propose, but to capture the moment as it happened thanks to his new friends they met on the boat. At the end of dinner, after the crowd had left and only Gerard, Jillian and their new friends sharing at their dinner table were present, Jillian was asked by Gerard to stand while Gerard carefully removed the chairs out of the way. In Jillian's mind, "Oh, Gerard's going to sing and dance for me like the way the waiters sing and dance every night." At that moment Gerard had gotten down on one knee and Jillian was in absolute shock! She heard Gerard state "I love you with all of ....." and everything else she didn't hear as she was in utter shock. Gerard had brought out the red box with the ring. When she saw it she said "Are you joking?!" obviously still in shock. Once she saw the custom made ring she started crying. She said "my mascara" as more tears poured down.

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