Johnny & Ani

The Proposal Christmas was just around the corner and it was going to be the first Christmas without my dad. My father had passed away only a few months ago from a heart attack and has been such a tough time since his passing. I had no Christmas spirit what’s so ever and had no intentions of celebrating the holidays this year. Johnny’s family insisted my family and I to go over their house and spend the holidays together during this difficult time.

It was Christmas Eve and my family and I had gone to Johnny’s house feeling really sad and not knowing what was planned for that evening. Johnny’s favorite holiday is Christmas and was thrilled to have my whole family over, however all I felt was nothing but pain knowing my dad wasn’t here with us for Christmas. Just minutes after, Johnny had asked me to wear my jacket and to go on the balcony with him. I asked him “why?” he said “there are fireworks outside that I want to show you”.

I was a little confused when he said there are fireworks on Christmas Eve, but I didn’t think much of it and did go out the balcony anyway. I was looking around everywhere to see such fireworks and couldn’t see anything. I looked over to Johnny and said “Where do you see fireworks? because I don’t see anything at all!” Johnny said “Ani can you look over the balcony this time and look down?” I was even more confused to what was going on, so I did look over and what did I see! I saw a huge display of Christmas lights written ANI WILL YOU MARRY ME! I was totally speechless that I had to look over twice to make sure I wasn’t seeing things and making sure it really said my name! I turn to Johnny and I already see him on his one knee ready to purpose and still I’m thinking “Is this really happening for real?” I started to cry and yelled out YESSSS on the balcony!! Apparently our whole family knew he was going to surprise me and had kept this secret for months! The whole gang came out the balcony popping a bottle of campaign, congratulating and hugging us in the freezing cold.

Another thing I did notice and something to add a cherry on top of his proposal was seeing Johnny’s brother having a camcorder in his hand and apparently he had recorded the proposal for us as a special souvenir for us to keep. It truly was a bitter sweet holiday and I most definitely won’t forget how Johnny made this Christmas a special one after all.

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