Latoya & Nicholas

It was a Saturday morning and a couple of days before my birthday. I was sick with the flu and lying on the couch. Nicholas, my fiancé, made me a "peace offering" for breakfast. The night before we had a “discussion” about marriage and I became extremely emotional when Nick made a joke about not wanting to marry me. I was too sick to care about fighting anymore I just wanted to get better. Saturday's are 'clean the house' days in our home and Nick took on the daunting task; he even cleaned out my car. I should have known something was up. After he finished cleaning the house from top to bottom he told me that he wanted to take me out for dinner for my birthday weekend sick or not and would not take no for an answer. After pestering me for almost an hour I begrudgingly obliged.

I was feeling a bit better and got gussied up for a nice night out. We decided to stay local and tried a Thai restaurant. We were seated at one of the tables and realized that the restaurant was completely empty. We finished dinner which was delish when Nick decided to move to the chair next to mine claiming that the waiter kept giving him funny looks. I found it odd but didn't really give it a second thought. Being the brave soldier that I am I sucked up my pride and decided to bring up the "discussion" from the night before. We laughed at how silly I reacted and we both apologized to each other. Wanting to ensure that I was truly ok with everything Nick let me know that he had always planned on marrying me; I rolled my eyes and said there was no need to patronize me. He repeated it again as he reached down into his sock and pulled out a box and placed it on our table.

I looked Nick in the eyes and questioned the box. He pulled the string and the box unfolded revealing an even smaller box. Knowing but not wanting to accept what was inside the box I stood up and walked away from the table and started using a few choice words and phrases that I shouldn’t mention. After I regained composure and returned to my chair Nick slowly opened the box and asked if I would honour him by becoming his wife. Inside the box was the most perfect ring and after staring at it in shock and awe I finally said yes!