Michelle & Bill

Bill met Michelle through the Toronto music scene over 5 years ago.

Bill (former President of Virgin Records Canada) at the time, was running his own music management company; developing up and coming artists. Though Michelle was working full time in the Film industry, in her spare time, she focused on her passion for singing.

As fate would have it, Bill would begin managing a local band. The band's drummer happened to know Michelle from university. Michelle and the drummer were co-writing original music for her Toronto performances. One day the drummer said to Bill "hey, if you're looking for new acts, you should check out this girl Michelle" and he was referred to her website.

Bill took an interest in Michelle's voice and reached out to her via email. After lots of back and forth, and some harmless email flirtation ,they decided to meet to discuss Michelle's goals in music. The dinner meeting began as professional, but turned personal as they both realized how much they had in common outside of music. They met at about 5:30pm and didn't end up leaving the restaurant for another 6 hours! After that night, they were attached at the hip !

Bill was trying to finalize a messy divorce at the time and had financial stresses because of it. He lost his dream home and had to move into a basement apartment with his two children. But united, Bill and Michelle were able to move forward and build a life together. Struggling through many obstacles and enjoying many high points, Bill and Michelle continued to fall further and further in love with each other. They moved in together and Michelle became closer and closer with Bill's children (Madison, 16yrs, and Wyatt, 13yrs). Now they all live together in a quaint bungalow in Pickering :) Bill finally proposed to Michelle on Christmas Eve at Nathan Phillips Square ice rink! Being huge music lovers, they decided that their first dance together at their destination wedding in Jamaica will be "NO ONE" by Alicia Keys, because No one can get in the way of what we're feelin.

It has always been a dream of Michelle's to be able to fly to New York with her mom and 3 bridesmaids (her 2 sisters & Madison) in search of the ultimate wedding gown! She has always pictured herself in Kleinfeld's, finally feeling like a bride!

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