Tamara & Christopher

Many years ago, I fantasized a proposal in which we'd be in Paris with the Eiffel Tower lit up in the background. You can imagine that I've been teased by friends, but Chris knows I love cute romantic gestures. Given that we both just recently graduated from school, both have crazy work schedules (I'm a surgical resident, and he works for the military) and on top of all of that, we live two provinces apart, a trip to Paris is impossible.

This past Christmas, when I visited him in Manitoba, he told me we were going to go Christmas light seeing, but he needed to go back to find the directions. I found it odd that it took a while to find the “directions”; he came out apologizing that must have lost them, that we would go some other time and I should come back inside. When I came into his apartment, I couldn't believe what I saw: candles and rose petals were everywhere, and in the corner there it was- a lit up little Eiffel Tower!

I was speechless, and I wouldn't let myself believe that this was the proposal, as he had previously done a good job convincing me that an engagement was still a ways away. But there he was, kneeling on one knee. He told me that he was sorry he couldn't take me to Paris, but it didn't matter where we are in the world, as long as we could be there together!

Chris & I have dated for over 7 years, and over 4 now have been spent long-distance, with me in Edmonton, AB, and initially him at school in BC and now working for the military in Manitoba. The distance has been incredibly difficult, but has made us a stronger couple, appreciate the other person so much more and value every minute we have to spend together when we are in the same place.