Homemade Favours: Cappuccino Mugs

Show your guest what a cute couple-ccino you are.

Supplies for Cappuccino MugMaterials
- One coffee mug for each guest
- ½ cup of coffee beans for each mug
- One biscotti for each mug – See Encore
- Ribbon of your choice
- Couple-ccino Stickers/Labels – (See Wedshop)
- Single hole punch  

Tip: Wrap your biscotti and coffee beans in cellophane so the favour is easier to transport.  


Steps for Making a Cappuccino Mug Wedding Favour


1. Thoroughly wash and dry coffee mug. Fill with ½ cup of coffee beans. Fragrant coffee beans make the room smell wonderful.  
2. Place biscotti in the mug.  
3: To make the “Couple-ccino” labels sturdy, stick them on white Bristol board and cut them out.  
4: Using the single hole punch, make a small hole on the sticker for the ribbon to pull through.  
5: Secure “Couple-ccino” label around the handle of the mug using ribbon of your choice. Tie the ribbon in a bow and cut loose ends.