Game Ideas: What Will They Say?

Get the party started with this fun “break the ice” mix and match questions game that will surely get guests laughing.

Object: Players fill out answers to questions; the twist is the answers are randomly matched to different questions creating hilarious responses.

Materials: 2 small jars or containers Pen/pencils Que Cards

Directions: 1. Before the bridal shower, write “What will” questions for each guest to answer about the bridal couple. Here are a few sample questions: - What will the bride say if the groom had the best man write his wedding vows? - What will the groom say if the bride gets drunk at the wedding? - What will the bride say if the groom buys her a puppy for a wedding present? - What will the groom say if he catches his bride checking his text messages?  

2. Mark one jar with the word QUESTION. Mark the other jar with the word ANSWER.  

3. Separate each question and place it in the QUESTION jar. There should be one question for each guest to answer.  

4. As the guests arrive, have each guest draw a question from the QUESTION jar and answer it on a separate piece of paper. Have the guest write their name on the back of the answer paper.  

5. Place the answers in the ANSWER jar and then set aside that question so it’s not answered twice.  

6. When all the questions have been answered, return the questions to the QUESTION jar.  

7. When you’re ready to play the game, pull a question from the QUESTION jar and read it aloud to the guests.  

8. Pick one guest to randomly pull an answer from the ANSWER container and read the response and the person who wrote the answer. Of course, it will not be the correct response the guest made, but that’s what makes it entertaining.  

9. Do this for all the questions and answers until finished.  

Time: Depends on the amount of guests, but no longer than 30 minutes or it can get boring.

Players: Unlimited

Winners: No winners, just lots of laughs.