DIY Paper Wedding Decor Projects

If you want to add some personal touches to your wedding décor and have an itch to get crafty, check out these four whimsical do-it-yourself paper décor projects. They are easy to make and will barely make a dent in your wallet.


Written by TRB Contributors

Paper Rose Bouquet

Strike up the dinner conversation at your wedding with these beautiful homemade paper bouquets...View DIY

String Chandelier

Add a spin to the classic chandelier at your wedding. Whether you are celebrating indoors or out, these twine chandeliers will add enlightenment to the event...View DIY

Paper Rosettes

Garnish your reception with these delicate paper rosettes. These arrangements will have the guests feeling whimsical throughout the day...View DIY

Paper Pom-poms

Whether it’s for the bridal shower or the wedding, these weightless pom-poms add a cheerful pop of colour to any ceiling...View DIY